Pato is Duck
I took on this project for a brand of home decor by Artist Patricia Martinez. I used stock imagery of the different animals and integrated them the original photo, a hotel lobby in Downtown Dallas. The image was used as a poster and handout postcards on the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin.
Oculus Business
I joined the Facebook team to art direct and post produce these images. The objective was to visualize the VR experience of training workers within different industries. The images were developed with a combination of stock imagery and digital illustration and they were used on the Oculus Connect 6 Keynote for presenting the business application of the new technology. Here's a couple of the initial shots followed by the resulting images.
Pizza Patron
I photographed and then composed the final image for the launching of Pizza Patron "La Ch!#gona" pizza, extra spicy, loaded with jalapeño peppers. A local artist assembled the tongue piñata, which posted a real challenge to register in the photographs. Here are the initial shots and the resulting image after extensive digital work.
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